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Why Hiring a Fractional CFO makes sense over Full Time CFO ?

Although Full-Time CFOs are mandatory for some companies, for companies not in that bracket - it makes sense to hire a Fractional CFO

Full-Time CFO

Fractional CFO

Time to recruit and remove

Long Notice Periods, Recruitment costs and loss of crucial time

Based on agreement. Can join within days/weeks of agreement


A seasoned CFO's cost starts upwards from ₹ 1 Cr (₹ 10 MN) onwards. This often excludes Bonus and incentives

Fractional CFOs can join at a Fraction of this cost


A CFO has to recruit multiple people under him to do the tasks required by him. This again will increase cost and delivery time

Fractional CFO comes with an expert team. He can start executing within days of accepting the assignment

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