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Your Strategic Business Partner In Growth

We are a Boutique consulting firm focused on
enabling growth in businesses through our action
oriented CFO Services.

Increase Visibility

Achieve Stability 

Gain Direction

“82% of the business fail due to  poor financial management”

These business owners were equally passionate about their business, they had the right people in place and believed they were on the right path, but couldn’t continue as cash ran out, profits thinned, and owners became busy making it work

What could be a better approach?

CFO2Growth is your Strategic Business Partner. We work with you along the journey, give you better visibility into your business, help you re-focus your energies, and unleash your growth potential 

About Us

About Us

As finance professionals in the industry, we noticed that many corporates struggled to execute solutions recommended by consultants, and these solutions are either abandoned or executed

Small and medium businesses and startups are commonly constrained by improper financial planning and limited visibility, leading to subjective decision-making based on personal intuition rather than data-driven insights. These challenges can impede the
success and growth of the business.

Thus, CFO2Growth was born.

Our Approach

With a team of experts in finance, operations, and strategy, we develop customized plans to help businesses achieve their growth objectives.

We understand that every business is unique, and that's why we take the time to understand our client's needs, challenges, and opportunities. Our approach is to work as part of the client's
team, rather than as outsiders. By doing this, we gain a deeper understanding of their operations, processes, and culture, which helps us to deliver solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Execution Focused

CFO2Growth's solutions are action oriented and keeps special emphasis on execution. We believe that unless a solution is executed, it is not counted as a successful solution.

Business Partnering as core

Our Core is Business Partnering. Our solutions are built on this mindset, which means we share the same big picture, aspirations and responsibilities that our
clients see while crafting our solutions

Industry Focused

All our team members are industry professionals turned consultants worked in various Finance departments. All our Solutions are designed based on our core Industry expertise and best practices.

Part of Your team

By Becoming a part of the client's team, the friction of communication between consultants and clients is eliminated and strong relations and bonds with our clients and their team are formed.

Why CFO2Growth?

Virtual CFO

For a founder or business owner, financial management can present significant challenges. Engaging the services of a virtual CFO can offer high-level financial expertise, acting as a trusted sounding board and assisting with data-driven decision-making.

Additionally, in our assignment, we typically explore key areas such as MIS Dashboards, working capital management, the development of short- and long-term plans, conducting detailed revenue and cost analysis, and identifying drivers for future business growth.

Financial Planning & Strategy

Financial planning and strategy is the process of setting financial goals, developing a plan to achieve those goals, and implementing the necessary steps to make it happen. Our team of financial experts can help you navigate this process and achieve financial success

  • Long range plans, Directional plans

  • Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

  • Financial modelling and scenario analysis

  • Profitability analysis and optimisation

  • Market analysis and competitive intelligence

  • Customer and Product profitability analysis

  • Pricing Strategies and revenue optimisation

CFO Support Services

We work with CFOs & Finance leaders on project-based support into – Complex reconciliations, process studies and other support. We specifically work on unstructured and complex assignments and devise solutions to deliver


  • MIS and FP&A Structures design and implementation Budgeting and MIS Support

  • Competition benchmarking

  • Financial and tax health Check-up

  • Project management

  • Support in driving cost control/ reduction projects

  • Year-end Audit preparedness support

  • ERP Implementation support

  • Implementation of Internal Audit points

M&A Support

If your team is overwhelmed with business-as-usual (BAU) responsibilities, engaging our CFO services can help ensure that M&A related requirements are handled with the attention and expertise they require.

With our support, your team can stay focused on BAU activities, while we provide the necessary support for successful M&A transactions.

  • Post Merger Integration support

  • Implementation of Due diligence report findings

  • Due Diligence

  • Due Diligence Management

  • Post Deal Monitoring

Benefits of Having a Virtual CFO

Cost Saving! Full-time CFOs are expensive to hire, save big, and get the best outcome for a fraction of the cost.

Save on Hiring! Working with us will save you from the hassle of hiring for various different skill sets, we have a team that can take care of all your finance needs.

Time-Saving! Save time on having to interview and hire experts for each and every skill set, working with us allows you to get started immediately allowing you to focus on your business.

Meet the Team

Meet Our Expert Team of Virtual CFOs and Chartered Accountants

Key Areas That Our CFO's Take Care Of

Business partnering
Revenue Optimization
Cost control
Business Planning
Working capital management
MIS Structuring
Profit Maximization 
Cashflow streamlining

Case Studies


Provided Virtual CFO Support for a Third Party Logistics Company

We supported the mid-sized logistics company to improve their financial reporting and analysis capabilities. We developed a system to track key metrics and KPIs for each business vertical using a combination of financial and operational data, which enabled the client to gain better visibility into their financial performance and make informed decisions. Additionally, we optimized their working capital management, reducing their cash conversion cycle and improving their cash flow. As a result of our work, the client was able to track profitability by business vertical, identify areas for improvement, and achieve improved financial performance.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Provided FP&A Support to a large
Hospital group

Our team provided vital support to a large hospital group by collaborating with various departments to develop a comprehensive budget for the upcoming year. 

Supported the financial analytics, preparation of monthly reporting decks, investor and board presentations.

Computer with Graph

Provided FP&A Support to an AI & Data Science Firm

We worked with a leading AI and data science firm to create a comprehensive reporting structure that streamlined their financial reporting process. 

We developed an automated system that consolidated multiple tabs and schedules, reducing the need for manual input and minimizing the risk of errors. This helped the firm to quickly and easily access important financial information, ultimately helping them make more informed business decisions

Knowledge Center


Get Ready to Maximize Your Profitability With Our Virtual CFO Solutions

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